Big news, for a limited time I’m having an album sale!  All albums will be 25% off until March 14th!  If you haven’t purchased an album, or you’d like to purchase a duplicate album for your parents this is a great time to take advantage of the offer.

An album will stand the test of time and is a tangible reminder of your big day.  These books can be passed down through the generations and will show your story to your children and grandchildren.  Who knows where digital images and technology will be years down the road.  All I know is that I have original photographs from my childhood and of my parents and grandparents that are still around.  But my personal photos from 10 years ago are lost in cyberspace somewhere.

I encourage all my clients to create a meaningful remembrance of their day in the form of an album.  My books are available in two different designs and can be completely customized to suit your tastes.

The first book is the Coffee Table Book, which comes with a box/sleeve cover.  Both the album cover and box are covered in linen or silk book cloth.  Custom logo stamping is available for an additional fee, as well as custom fabrics and other upgrades.

My clients tend to prefer this book because you can fit so many images in the book, due to it’s construction.  Books have a minimum of 100 pages / 50 spreads and are printed on thick, archival paper.

The Silk Flushmount Album is a more traditional wedding album, with pages constructed of photographic prints mounted to rigid archival board.  The album cover includes an inset image and is covered in colorful silks and linens.  All albums include a matching box with silk ribbon.

The biggest difference between this album and the Coffee Table Book is the printing, with this book having photographic paper prints.  Because they are mounted to a rigid board so they won’t bend, the book holds less images than the Coffee Table Book but is perfect for those who prefer a more traditional look.

If you’re interested in purchasing an album please reach out to me via email at or through my website HERE. Orders must be placed by Midnight PST on March 14th, 2017.

I’m excited to get started on your family heirloom!


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If you’ve been following along on social media, you may have seen that I have been shooting a lot of Branding Sessions over the last year.  While these types of shoots have been a natural progression for my business, I have to thank the team over at Tailor & Table for starting it all.

I have worked with Natalia numerous times over the years, from shooting her wedding to watching her develop her event design business with co-founder Bart and executing numerous editorial shoots with them.  We had an idea for a shoot that morphed into more of a marketing-style shoot to capture images for their new website & branding that they were developing.

This is where my Branding Session idea was born.  I photographed Natalia & Bart creating floral arrangements, setting up decor and doing design work as well as lifestyle portraits of them.  Imagery of their final creations as well as artistic photos for their social media content were also part of the shoot.

Branding Photography | Atlanta Photographer | | Melissa Schollaert Photography

We spent some time prior to the shoot discussing their brand, colors and how they want their clients to perceive them.  In the end, we were able to create imagery that incorporated those elements from their wardrobe selection down to the smallest details.

Branding Photography | Atlanta Photographer | | Melissa Schollaert Photography

Branding Photography | Atlanta Photographer | | Melissa Schollaert Photography

Taking your business to the next level? Want to streamline the look of your website, branding imagery and social media so that your imagery is consistent? Want to attract your ideal client?

Consistency is the key. Having images that reflect you and your brand will help elevate your business.

These sessions are perfect for small businesses, creatives, artists, florists, chefs, mixologists, bloggers, wedding professionals and venues, hotels, the list goes on.

If you are a creative you can’t afford not to have high-end imagery that reflects your brand and style. Show your potential clients YOU, how you work, what you create and what your team can offer.

Branding Photography | Atlanta Photographer | | Melissa Schollaert Photography

Contact me today to find out more about my sessions and to book a consultation.  You can contact me HERE or email me directly at

p.s. – Destination Weddings are still front & center here, just expanding my offerings into work that keeps me creative all year long!


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2016 is coming to a close and I can’t believe this year is over already.  It’s been a wild and crazy ride, filled with so many great clients and photography opportunities beyond what I could have dreamed.  Thank you to all of my clients, vendor partners and friends for making this year a huge success!

Happy Holidays!!!

Old Edwards Wedding | Mountain Wedding | | Melissa Schollaert Photography

I absolutely thrive when I’m shooting at a new venue, seeing a place with fresh eyes for the first time.  I had been looking forward to Caitlin & Spencer’s wedding in Cashiers, North Carolina for some time.  I was intrigued when Caitlin told me that their venue, The Chattooga Club, only held 4 weddings per year.  I knew that it was going to be a very unique and stylish wedding, and it did not disappoint.  The couple’s family and friends were dressed to impress, and the club was designed to perfection by I Do Events.  You’ll just have to feast your eyes on the gorgeous imagesCashiers Wedding | Chattooga Club Wedding | | Melissa Schollaert Photographymelissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-02melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-03melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-04melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-05melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-06melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-07melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-08melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-09melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-10melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-11melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-12melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-13melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-14melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-15melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-16melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-17melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-18melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-19melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-20melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-21melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-22melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-23melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-24melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-25melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-26melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-27melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-28melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-29melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-30melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-31melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-32melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-33melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-34melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-35melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-36melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-37melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-38melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-39melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-40melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-41melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-42melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-43melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-44melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-45melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-46melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-47melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-48melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-49melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-50melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-51melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-52melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-53melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-54melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-55melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-56melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-57melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-58melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-60melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-61melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-62melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-63melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-64melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-65melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-59melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-66melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-67melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-68melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-69melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-70melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-71melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-72melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-73melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-74melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-75melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-76melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-77melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-78melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-79melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-80melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-81melissaschollaert-caitlinspencersneakpeek-82below to see for yourself.


Planning: I Do Events / Venue & Catering: The Chattooga Club / Photography: Melissa Schollaert Photography / Florals: Rooms in Bloom / Rentals: Professional Party Rentals / Cake: Artista Cakes Serena / Videography: Ink Spot Crow / Hair & Makeup: Tracy DeSimone / Bride’s First Gown: Oscar de la Renta from Joan Pillow Bridal Salon / Bride’s Second Gown: Lazaro from Bridals by Lori / Bride’s Shoes: Manolo Bhlanik


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